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It comes as no surprise to anyone that social distancing has now been adopted into our daily lives and working from home does not seem as exciting as it once did. Many of us have starting using video calling platforms to conduct meetings and plan crucial work-related tasks. The reliance on good communication through text messaging and email has grown considerably. As we all work through the weird working hours and unending interruptions while working at home, even with video conference calls, we are missing out on that much needed workplace interaction.

Many people are unaware of the fact that even though, for the time being, you do not have to start your day off by sitting in unruly traffic, we have removed ourselves from physical, social interaction with our colleagues. We have lost those watercooler moments that let us know that Sarah is dating Charlie or how Phumelo is dealing with his new pet dog. We do not know what Sereshnee has planned for the weekend or how Sam’s postgraduate studies are going.

Without these daily interactions our work simply becomes work. Some people may not notice the difference but others who rely on these social interactions may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, so to speak. As a manager or team leader it is hard to find a balance between keeping your spirits high and ensuring that your employees’ mental well-being is not neglected during this time. Now with social distancing, even with our best efforts we are still seeing less of our extended family and friends. So, what can be done?

There is no doubt that video calls have now become our easiest form of social interaction. Video calls do not need to simply replace the urgent meetings which usually take place in boardrooms, they can be used as a far greater and more beneficial tool. You can create fun and engaging moments that you would normally be having with your work colleagues had you all been in and out of the office on the daily.

Some ways you can create a more virtually interactive meeting.

Links to mentioned platforms:

Jack Box Party Games

House Party 

Virtual Tours

As we move forward with social distancing and working from home, keep an eye out for Game2Change as we explore more ways to get the most out of the digital workplace.

If you would like to run a digital team building session or want a more structured approach to socialising distantly when it comes to the digital environment, then get in touch with us. We would also love to hear your ideas of what you have been up to, to keep yourself socially topped up.

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