CIB Technology Graduate Induction
Classroom 2 Boardroom & Summer School


Banking Technology executives provided new graduates with a three-tier game over a period of 2 weeks (facilitated over 3 days) which delivered a blended learning induction programme of digital and game-based workshops. The objective was to provide an overview of the enterprise and drill down into divisional and team level, allowing new incumbents with a know-how of navigating and operating in a large corporate environment, and how to apply the New Ways of Work. Each layer of the organisation was explained and related back to individual, with a game-based intervention to consolidate understanding. The three-tiers consisted of:

Tier One – Keys to Enterprise: Journey into understanding the organisation at an enterprise level.

Tier Two – Battleship Bootcamp: Journey of understanding the division and its components.

Tier Three – Clash of Clans: Journey of understanding each of the teams and how they operate.


Harnessed the energy of new talent into the organisation.

Better chance of retention with better organisational awareness, and formation of work relationships.


“The game really helped me learn more than I would have without it.”, “I loved the game! Very interactive and fun way to learn.” – Standard Bank Graduates

Customer Experience within the Telecommuni-

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