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Multichoice Africa – #Customer First


This approach aimed at empowering leadership, employees, and partners to live the customer experience of #Customer First. The Customer First Game was designed and delivered as a game-based intervention to embed learning, share knowledge, and ignite a mind-shift towards a customer-centric approach across the organisation. The Play 2 win the Customer complemented and extended upon video and digital learning, and is being delivered by internal staff across the African continent.


The benefits of incorporating a customer-service game are still being measured in a post assessment and survey. Qualitative feedback has been exceptionally positive with a new understanding of what it takes to become a customer-centric organisation, and how teams can apply their knowledge, skill and attitude for personal and business benefits.


“Interactive, fun way of learning that stimulates knowledge retention” – Helen, MultiChoice, Zambia.

“It was something new and refreshing and the game was customer focused which is important to our business” – Racheal, MultiChoice OPS, Zambia.

“Gaming to learn was a captivating and interesting means to learn in a working environment, considering how employees get bored of the regular classroom training”- Amaka, MultiChoice Trainer, Nigeria.

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