Learning Design resources
With the global pandemic strongly pushing learning to a fully online solution, we have put together a few resources which we will be launching during the month of August. These resources are aimed at orientating your mind to the engagement aspect of learning design in order to take your solutions to the next level; above passive learning.
Design Thinking
Designing Learning for game User Types
Game User Types
Learning Design Webinar
Our final resource will be in the form of a Webinar held on the 3rd of September at 3pm. 

In a world of diversity, there is a deep reliance on inclusiveness. An anchor of excellent learning design is understanding the target audience (learners) on a deeper level.

A practical informative session hosted by Deirdre Jensen and Daniela Sounes for those wishing to improve their learning design. It is in the format of a short focused webinar with an accompanying toolkit.

Three approaches are introduced with the techniques of getting into the head and heart of learners. These include empathy canvas map, user personae (design thinking) and user motivation (psychology). It will include steps of how to apply with actual examples.

The objective is for each participant to leave the session excited to explore and apply these techniques to improve their learning design.

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