The Impact of Graduate Programs & Inductions


Attracting, retaining and developing talent is a key ingredient to building and evolving future-oriented organisations. Of even greater significance though, is how to do it right for Millennials and Gen-Z’s as they enter the workforce. This question will keep many HR professionals awake at night.

After conquering the first intensive steps of sourcing and attracting high calibre graduates and new hires, how do you go on to develop, motivate and retain these talented individuals? Using a well-designed and executed induction programme as a core element will go a long way to developing and unlocking the energy and potential within each recruit.

Over the past few years, Game2change has designed and launched a number of Graduate and New Talent programmes now being used as integral tools in organisational induction strategies. It’s inspiring to see how far-reaching the impact these programmes have on the organisations – way beyond just the immediate target of the graduates and new hires. Any recipe adding new ingredients needs the just the right dynamic approach to unlock the positive alchemic process within an organisation.


Game2change’s approach of combining gaming, experiential learning and simulation in a tactile space, triggers powerful changes in a collective group or organisation. It also very effectively re-orientates or cements new directions introduced.

When designing and planning your new induction and orientation programme, consider the following three questions:

  1. How best can I design it to bridge the divide between the different levels and generations in my organisation to enhance greater understanding and collaboration?
  2. How best can I harness the energy and fresh thinking of the new talent to impact my broader organisation positively?
  3. How best can my induction programme clarify and cement the purpose and understanding of my organisation and can any elements of my programme be re-purposed?

At Game2change we apply a big picture view of how your induction programme can achieve multiple goals and impact the broader organisation. Let us meet with you to discuss further what we can do.

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