Gamification Learning Lab

Gamification, Game-based tools, Experiential learning… What is it all about?

Share, play and Experiment to take your learning design to the next level.

Join us at the next Game2Change Gamification Learning Lab to be introduced to gamification in learning and how to practically apply it in designing and delivering on your business needs.

So what does the Learning Lab consist of…
  • The psychology of game design and gamification
  • When does gamification work and not work
  • When should gamification be applied
  • How neuroscience supports game-based learning
  • Tools and freeware available for you to use
  • Have fun and play with games to stimulate your creativity
  • Elements of game design
  • Categories of game-based design and learning
  • Applying learning principles to game design
  • How gamification engages one’s workforce
  • Knowledge sharing with people from various industries
  • Immersion session to design a prototype
What will you get from the learning lab?
  • Understand how gamification can enhance your team to grow your business
  • Be ahead of the pack in implementing experiential learning
  • Experience how effective game-based learning is
  • Be upskilled in innovative, new ways of creating more impactful learning
  • Gather tools for practical application to develop creative game-based learning
  • Meet the demands of the millennial and gen Z learner
  • Learn how gamification can allow your people to learn as the play
Learning Lab Details

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Click to view the 2-day agenda

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