Enhancing Customer Service Through Gamification

Delivering first-class customer service requires employees and front-line staff to be enabled with the right tools, empowered with the right knowledge and engaged with their company’s customer-centric approach.



Our “Play 2 Win the Customer’s ” game empowered leadership, employees and partners to live the customer experience of #CustomerFirst at Multichoice Africa. The game was designed and delivered as a game-based intervention to embed learning, share knowledge and ignite a mind-shift renewal of their customer-centric service approach.



Customised scenarios were incorporated into the game, allowing participants to interact with real life contexts based on customer queries and experiences. Multichoice Africa’s organisational lingo was used to ensure all employees were familiar with the unique terms with the games themselves being focused on giving a big picture overview of the organisation and its core values to enhance the participant’s identity within the organisation’s culture.

The game also allowed internal employees to grasp a better understanding of the interactions that front-line staff have directly with customers. In any organisation that serves customers, it is imperative for every level of the organisation to support their customers and ensure a truly exceptional experience gets delivered.

The “Play 2 Win the Customer’s ” game was designed to highlight the importance of team work and inter-departmental collaboration. This was done through playing a number of high energy, fun activities with one of the favourites being a little limbo rendition.

Qualitative feedback on our “Play 2 Win the Customer’s ” game has been exceptionally positive, particularly from the facilitators we have trained to roll the game out across Africa.

In any organisation, engaged employees are productive employees. Engagement needs team cohesion, personal relationships and high energy. What better way to spark engagement in a team than with a fun, learning-oriented game?


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