Our Customer Experience Game

At Game2Change we have found that Game-Based initiatives are well suited for Customer Experience training and cultures.

Game2Change has created a CX Game that will take your organisation’s training to the next level.  This innovative approach can be adapted to each client’s unique learning requirements.

The game offers various benefits, such as:

  1. It  allows for learning of behavioural skills, to boost performance through better team cohesion and productivity
  2. It  will focus on uplifting energy and boosting staff morale for better productivity and staff performance
  3. It focuses on the underpinning Customer Experience foundation of:
  • Understanding the customer
  • Adding value for the customer
  • Making it easy for the customer  to conduct business with your organisation

Game2Change has seen an 11% skills improvement post training!

Watch our video below for more insight into this approach:

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