New beginnings

Welcome to Game2Change’s blog and the launching of our new website. 2016 is definitely a milestone year for us! Over the past few years we have been focused on designing and delivering our unique blend of game-based learning and gamification techniques to our clients. The completion of every project assures us of the ever-growing partnership that exists between gaming and learning, particularly with a changing workforce and a growing need to ignite employee engagement.

While the term “gaming” may inspire images of pimpled teenagers glued to a computer screen, it’s worth noting that all people are natural ‘gamers’. From social engagement to achievement and competition to good, old-fashioned fun, the elements of gaming are similar to the core needs that drive us to achieve in the workplace.Gamification is nothing more than driving motivation for business tasks in a way that is both fun and engaging as well as, importantly, sustainable and long lasting.

Our monthly newsletter will be an opportunity for us to share some of our success stories, learnings and topical information from gamification thought leaders. We also look forward to including a resource section of quick and easy tips and tools for practical ways to apply gamification to your own learning and employee engagement programmes. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions and let us know about any area of gamification you think is worth exploring. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter!

Until next time, game on!

The Game2Change team

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