3 Ways to Amp Up Your Learning

One of the biggest draw cards to applying gamification to learning, is eliciting better engagement, motivation and completion. A recent 2015 study, conducted with a test and control group of e-students in an online insurance course, revealed the following alarming statistics; only 79% of e-students registered and less than 50% of e-students actually completed the e-course. At Game2Change we are constantly reviewing how to leverage learner motivation and social dynamics using gamification techniques for learning that “sticks”.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of bringing gamification into learning is by converting a routine learning pathway into a compelling gaming journey. This is often referred to as structural gamification (Karl Kapp, 2013). In simple terms, adding gaming elements of badges, points and levels allows for a learner to be more motivated and excited when learning a new skill, program or embarking on a curriculum. This is particularly effective for the new generation of learners who have grown up with gaming and respond well to this approach.

At Game2change, in addition to building games, we also help our clients re-purpose programs and content with games and gamification. We would like to share with you three simple ideas of how to do this, with links to some free resources and tools to get you started

Structural Gamification
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