3 Gamification techniques to apply to your Induction

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is one of the key ingredients in building and evolving an organization for the future. Even more prevalent to this future success, will be how to do this right with Millennials and Gen-Z who are currently entering the workforce. This question will keep many HR professionals awake at night. Once the first intensive steps of sourcing and attracting high calibre graduates and new hires are done, how will you develop, harness and retain their talent and skills?

A well designed and executed induction programme is one of the foundations to developing and unlocking the energy and potential of these new additions to your organisation. Induction programs are crucial for aligning values and culture. most importantly it illuminates the bigger picture of the organisation and how your new hire fits into and contributes to your vision and mission.

Millennials and Gen-Z’s enter the workforce with a different lens on the world and what motivates them to be engaged, loyal and committed to their chosen employer. Gamification and game-play taps into some of the core motivators of Millennials and Gen-Z; and how they want to be engaged with. They want to feel connected with other employees as well as the company goals. With Millennials and Gen Z’s being raised in a society with social trends and gamified apps as there second language, it makes sense to apply this approach when designing and delivering an Induction Programme.

At Game2Change we have designed a number of game-based induction programmes and in this process we would like to share three simple ideas of how to incorporate “gamification” into your next induction/or how to improve your current induction programme.

These three simple ideas are guaranteed to improve your induction programmes and assist in developing and retaining your new talent.

Please feel free to share any of your experiences or other ideas of how gaming and induction programs can be combined.

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