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We believe learning should be an active and creative process with the user at the core of the design.

Game-thinking is the perfect methodology to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. 

Our approach has shown to have:


About Us

Founded in 2015 by Deirdre Jensen, Game2Change is built on the premise of partnering with organisations in an attempt to invoke a creative learning edge in an evolving workplace.
In 2013/2014 Deirdre Jensen found herself working as an independent change and training consultant for various companies and projects. This led to the discovery of her passion for applying experiential learning and gaming to drive positive change in people and organisations.
After witnessing first-hand the power of game-thinking and learning, Deirdre has driven Game2Change’s focus on delivering innovative, custom designed, experiential and game-based learning solutions.
As a team of creative and innovative individuals, we’ll collaborate with you to create engaging learning experiences with reflection and reinforcement.
We hone our skills to favour three distinct principles:

Holistic Understanding 

Your environment is unique and so are your people – we listen and design with you at the centre

Experiential Learning

People are not robots; our designs focus on engagement and interactivity.

Outcomes Driven

We measure what we deliver to drive consistency and continuous improvement.
Jaguar Land Rover

An exciting and interactive experience that will be remembered by all the delegates. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

Jaguar Land Rover

The team managed to incorporate our values and customer principles into the activity

MultiChoice Africa

Interactive, fun way of learning that stimulates knowledge retention.

MultiChoice Africa

Gaming to learn was a captivating and interesting means to learn in a working environment, considering how employees get bored of regular classroom training.

Vector Logistics
HR Manager

Thank you so much for the work done on the ePOD project. Everyone is really excited about the possibilities.

Baker McKenzie

It was very educational, I learned a lot from my peers.

Standard Bank

The game really helped me learn more than I would have without it.

Our Tools

Designing impactful learning starts with understanding the tools and components that create interactivity and engagement. We have numerous components to implement, based on your needs and desired outcome.

Logical Presentation

Content needs to be presented in a well structured, easy to follow, and logical manner. Learners should intuitively know how to interact with the content.


Narratives enhance learning retention and are delivered with rich visuals and stories woven through the delivery method of the content.


Simple PBL’s (Points, badges and leader boards) are effective in keeping learners engaged and motivated to complete tasks and linked to narratives of the solution.


Scenarios are effective in linking narratives to real life situations. Scenarios tap into the application level of learning to embed knowledge and concepts with multiple answer options and branching.


Videos are one of the most effective ways to deliver content. Videos embedded into learning solutions are linked to content and assessments.

Game-Based Learning

Extending gamification to fully designed customised games. The learning content is delivered more subconsciously but retention increases as learners are engaged, and interacting directly.

Digital Learning

Digital learning applying interactivity of sophisticated engagement and immediate feedback. All digital learning is fully trackable and SCORM-compliant

Simulations & Problem Solving

Real world interactive experiences which incorporate branched scenarios and gamification. Intelligent feedback is provided throughout the learning journey. It usually incorporates group learning in synchronous format.


Learning is designed for participants to interact by adopting a role or character. It is focused on new experiences and role-based decision making.

Our Packages

Each of our above tools range from simple to complex based on which package best suits your needs:


I have a clear idea of what I want and have assembled all the relevant content.

I need you as a learning partner to design a simple effective learning solution.


I have some ideas, but still need collaboration and refining of the content.

I need a more interactive experience  than plain vanilla.


I require the next level of learning for a more demanding audience.

I need you to create an experience within the virtual and real world.

Mystery BOX

I’m looking for some quick tools to bring energy to my team. 

I need you to provide easy activities, tools and insights to create engagement. 

Our Latest Projects

We are passionate about making a positive impact and delivering engaging experiences. Here are some of our past projects and contexts we have worked within.

Change Management

Customer Experience




Creativity & Innovation

Change Management – Vector
Change Management – Vector
22 May, 2020 in  Change Management
Induction – Baker McKenzie
Induction – Baker McKenzie
22 May, 2020 in  Induction
Customer Experience – First National Bank
Customer Experience – First National Bank
2 Jun, 2020 in  Customer Experience
Change Management – Nashua
Change Management – Nashua
2 Jun, 2020 in  Change Management
Customer Experience – Wimpy
Customer Experience – Wimpy
2 Jun, 2020 in  Customer Experience
Induction – Standard Bank CIB
Induction – Standard Bank CIB
2 Jun, 2020 in  Induction
Customer Experience – Jaguar Land Rover
Customer Experience – Jaguar Land Rover
2 Jun, 2020 in  Customer Experience
Change Management – TCR
Change Management – TCR
2 Jun, 2020 in  Change Management
Customer Experience – MCA
Customer Experience – MCA
3 Apr, 2020 in  Customer Experience

Company specialists

We are a multi-disciplined team who have the energy and creativity to bring your project to life and the business sense to deliver an effective program for your organisation.

Charissa Govender
Daniela Sounes
Deirdre Jensen
Business Development
Kirsty Du Plessis
Simon Rorke

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