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Game2Change partners with organisations who want the creative edge in an evolving workplace.
We unearth the potential, adaptability and skills of your people and teams.
We do this with immersive, experiential, and game-based methodologies.


Who Are We?

Game2Change is the creative catalyst in unlearning, learning and reinforcing behaviours and skills with a measurable positive impact.
We are a multi-disciplined team who have the energy and creativity to bring your project to life and the business sense to deliver an effective programme for your organisation.

What We Do

We help organisations to ignite change in the way they do things.
Our initiatives contribute to better business by walking a path with you to deliver value back to the business, improving engagement, learning and adaptability.

Through our initiatives we show you how to:

  • . Break down barriers and silos 
  • . Take employees beyond the spoken word
  • . Create awareness and appetite for change 
  • . Get unstuck and become inspired

How we do this

We take you on a collaborative journey to develop impactful and fun solutions to your challenges. We enable this by creating agile and effective game-based learning and digital applications

Value of our solution

Our solutions have proven results of:

  • . 40% improved overall score on game-based vs control group
  • . 3 x increase in overcoming learning challenges and completing courses
  • . Demonstrated improvement in employee motivation and attitude through qualitative surveys.


Customer Experience Games

Need to reinvigorate and recharge both your internal and client facing teams to deliver a more customer centric approach?

Games which allow for customer service ethos, service and skills to be experienced with simulated scenarios and gameplay.

Induction and Orientation Programmes

Need to harness and integrate new talent, skill and energy to be in harmony with your organisation ?

Our end-to-end games and simulations reduce the learning curve and incorporate socialisation and acculturation.

Culture and Change Tools

Need to make your change relevant, real and practical?

Customised games and experiential tools to enable key behaviours and values across an organisation.

New Product and System

Don’t do more boring powerpoints, let your people engage with a game to adopt new information and approach

Engaging and fun approach to introducing new information and understanding of new products, upgrades or system migrations.

Team Simulation

Don’t tell your team that they are underperforming, let them experience the impact of simulated scenarios to guide them towards practical ways to improve.

Simulated games which replicate scenarios and decisions a team would need to deal with; building team cohesion and better team decision-making.

Learning Lab

Need inspiration, a blast of creativity and new thinking… our learning labs are both informative and practical.

Educational workshops with a twist – Applying new methodologies to a more creative design of learning solutions.

Our Wins

Induction Program in the Law Industry
Customer Experience in the Media World
Orientation Program in the Banking Realm


We have a strong team of dedicated facilitators and designers who specialize in creating customised solutions for your company that enhance training through the use of game-based learning. We have the creativity to bring your project to life and the business sense to deliver an effective programme for your organisation.



Managing Director

With a career of over 15 years in education and as a business and people development consultant and backed up by degrees in commerce, business and adult education, Deidre currently creates and delivers experiential and game-based tools for business and organizations.



Product Manager

With a background in psychology, Daniela has a passion for people and an understanding of what motivates people to creatively engage and learn. Daniela ensures that the client collaboration journey is valuable, fun, and effective at delivering a high impact game-based product.



Production and Packaging

Lesley is a problem solver, always looking for the best deal, while still delivering a quality product to my clients. Building of client relationships and partnering with them on every project, to make sure the best product is delivered, in the best possible time.



Visual Designer

Kirsty holds a BA degree in Multimedia Design from Greenside Design Center. She is always up for awesome work; creative briefs; thinking about problems; flexibility ; change; inspiration; opinions and criticism.



Learning Designer & Facilitator

Mandy works with our clients to co-create digital and tactile learning tools to help their audience learn, engage, apply, and perform. She helps clients by designing and facilitating customized learning interventions in the areas of product knowledge, customer experience, and change.

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Core skills and competencies

  • Design and development of business games and game-based learning (tactile and digital)
  • design and development of experiential learning in the form of simulations and engagement levels
  • Delivery of game-based experiences for events and conferences
  • Design and application of gamification techniques in learning and work process
  • Design and development of digital quiz
  • Facilitation techniques in games, experiential learning and simulation

Complementary competencies

  • Design of e-learning and digital content
  • Facilitation of team based engagement using games and simulations
  • Design of game based user interfaces

What We Think

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